Using JoinNow MultiOS on macOS Sonoma

Step 1Enter your Device Password
Step 2Install the Profile, Enter Password
Step 3Final Password Entry, Connected!

Enter your Device Password

Your macOS system will prompt you to enter your password, as JoinNow needs your permission to configure your Wi-Fi Settings.

Install the Profile, Enter Password

Your Profiles settings will now automatically open, presenting you with your new Wi-Fi configuration profile. Click Install. You will be then prompted again to click Install, which you need to do. Afterward, you will be prompted to enter your password again because JoinNow is configuring your Wi-Fi settings.

Final Password Entry, Connected!

There will be one final password prompt, as JoinNow needs to use your new Wi-Fi configuration to connect to your Secure Wi-Fi. After entering your password, JoinNow will connect you to your new network. This may take a few seconds.